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Motivation and Declaration of Principles
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How G. W. Bush and his gang of state terrorists lied to the world to justify the invasion of Iraq

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Report by Human Rights Watch - April 2005

Impunity for D. Rumsfeld and other state terrorists

Getting Away with Torture?
Command Responsibility for the U.S. Abuse of Detainees

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More on U.S. Torture and Abuse of Detainees

More on Human Rights Watch's work on Torture and Abuse

More on Human Rights in Iraq

Executive Summary
I. Official Sanction of Crimes against Detainees
II. A World of Abuse
III. Getting Away with Torture
-- In-house Investigations down the Chain of Command
-- Prosecuting Some Soldiers, Belatedly
IV. Impunity for the Architects of Illegal Policy
-- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
-- Former CIA Director George Tenet
-- Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez
-- Major General Geoffrey Miller
-- Other Generals in Iraq
-- Abu Ghraib-based Officers
V. Non-Governmental Attempts at Accountability
VI. The Need for a Special Prosecutor
VII. An Independent Commission
Annex — A Note on Command Responsibility
Human Rights Watch Reports - April 2005 - Vol. 17, No. 1(G)