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Published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - UNCTAD
Transnational corporations as engines of growth

The World Investment Report 1992 analyses the relationship between TNCs and economic growth. Since the early 1980s, world investment flows have been expanding rapidly, much faster than other key economic variables such as world trade and world output. A number of major new developments in the global economic situation have placed foreign direct investment in a central position to influence the pace and the nature of economic growth in most countries. Finally, developing countries themselves have implemented notable and, in many cases, dramatic policy changes, in order to open their economies to greater contributions by transnational corporations.
The report includes a statistical annex with FDI statistics and other related indicators.

Table of contents
Preface - Contents - List of tables - List of boxes - List of Figures

An executive summary

PART One: Recent Trends
Chapter I
Trends in foreign direct investment
A. Global trends
B. Regional trends
C. Foreign-direct investment clusters of the Triad members and newly industrializing economies
D. Regionalization: issues and analysis
E. Conclusions

Chapter II
The relative importance of the activities of transnational corporations
A. In the world economy
B. In host countries

Chapter III
Recent policy developments
A. The Uruguay Round
B. Regional and bi-lateral developments
C. National development

PART Two: Transnational Corporations and Growth in Developing Countries
Chapter IV
Transnational corporations and economic growth a framework for analysis
A. The increasing importance of transnational corporations
B. The new world economy
C. Economic growth and its elements
D. A framework for the analysis of transnational corporations and growth

Chapter V
Transnational corporations, capital formation and economic growth
A. Capital formation and economic growth
B. Sources of savings for host developing countries
C. Transnational corporations and financial intermediation
D. The contribution of foreign direct investment to host country investment
E. The contribution of transnationals to the effectiveness of host country investment
F. Assessment
G. Some policy implications

Chapter VI
Transnational corporations, technology and growth
A. Technology as a determinant of growth
B. Transnational corporations and technology development
C. Transnational corporations and the transfer of technology to developing countries
D. Assessment
E. Some policy implications

Chapter VII
Transnational corporations, human resource development and growth
A. Human resource development as a factor in growth
B. Transnational corporations and human resource development
C. Transnational corporations and employment opportunity
D. Assessment
E. Some policy implications

Chapter VIII
Transnational corporations trade and growth
A. The relationship between trade and growth
B. The impact of transnational corporations
C. Text level C class11
D. Some policy implications

Chapter IX
Transnational corporations, environmental quality and sustainable growth
A. Economic growth and environmental quality
B. Transnational corporations and environmental quality in host countries
C. Some policy implications

Chapter X
Transnational corporations and growth: An integrated assessment
A. The dynamics of transnational corporations and growth
B. International production
C. The role of host countries

PART Three: Policy Implications
Chapter XI
International production and governance
A. A new policy perspective
B. International cooperation on issues arising from the failure of a transnational corporation
C. Mechanisms to support foreign direct investment
D. Transparency and policy review

Chapter XII
A look to the future
A. New domestic policy issues
B. New international policy challenges
C. The need for new policy initiatives

Annex Tables
Selected UNCTAD publications on Transnational Corporations and Foreign Direct Investment, and Questionnaire

Book information:
UN Symbol: ST/CTC/130 - Sales no.: E.92.II.A.19
Date of publication: 01/08/92 - No. of pages: 356
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