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Published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - UNCTAD
Transnational Corporations and Integrated International Production

The World Investment Report 1993 analyses the evolving strategies and changing organizational structures of TNCs, and the implications of the increasing functional, cross-national integration of their activities for the location of international production. In spite of an overall decline in world-wide flows of foreign direct investment in the early 1990s, there are many features of the world economic environment pointing to a continuing and important role for transnational corporations.
The report includes a statistical annex with FDI statistics and other related indicators.

Table of contents


PART ONE: Recent Trends
Chapter I
Global Trends in Foreign Direct Investments
A. Trends
B. The universe of transnational corporations
C. The policy framework

Chapter II
Regional Trends
A. Developed countries
B. Developing countries
C. Central and Eastern Europe

Chapter III
Sectoral Trends
A. Overall trends
B. The primary sector
C. The secondary sector
D. The tertiary sector
E. Conclusions

Chapter IV
The growth of foreign direct investment in the 1980´s: The bulge in the trend
A. Short term factors
B. Policy changes
C. Structural factors
D. Future prospects

PART TWO: Integrated International Production
Chapter V
Strategies of transnational corporations
A. The functional scope of international production
B. The geographic scope of international production
C. Conclusions

Chapter VI
Organizational structures of transnational corporations
A. Structures of transnational corporations under complex strategies
B. Integrated international production at the firm level
C. Conclusions

Chapter VII
Integrated International Production and its implications
A. The characteristics of the system
B. The geographic structure of integrated international production
C. Implications for host countries

PART THREE: Public Policy Issues
Chapter VIII
Corporate Nationality
A. The grounds of corporate nationality
B. Corporate nationality: where and how it matters
C. Integrated international production and corporate nationality
D. Towards more order and clarity
E. Looking ahead

Chapter IX
Parent-Affiliate relations and responsibilities
A. The parent-affiliate dichotomy
B. National legislative and judicial approaches
C. Options for consideration
D. Public opinion and corporate good will
E. Conclusions

Chapter X
Tax Policy
A. Problems of allocating business income
B. Income allocation in an integrated international production system
C. Alternative methods for dealing with the allocation of income
D. Some implications for tax policy

Chapter XI
Investment Policies
A. Competition for investment and the convergence of investment policies
B. Investment policies in developing countries
C. International production, competitiveness and systemic convergence


Annex Tables:
Table 1: Foreign-direct-investment inward flows, by region and economy, 1981-1991
Table 2: Foreign-direct-investment inward and outward stock, 1980, 1985 and 1990
Table 3: The ratio of foreign-direct-investment inflows to gross domestic capital formation and the ratio of gross domestic capital formation to gross domestic product, 1971-1975, 1976-1980, 1981-1985, 1986-1991
Table 4: Average annual inflows of foreign direct investment to the Ten largest developing economies, 1970-1980, 1981-1991
Table 5: New bilateral treaties for the promotion and protection of foreign direct investment signed or entered into force in 1991 and 1992
Table 6: Changes in main national legislation relating to foreign direct investment in 1992
Table I.10: The largest 100 non-financial transnational corporations, ranked by foreign assets, 1990

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Book information:
UN Symbol: ST/CTC/156 - Sales no.: E.93.II.A.14
Date of publication: 01/08/93 - No. of pages: 290
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