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Workers should set up plan to rate bosses - 1997
       STATE-OWNED and collective enterprises, and firms in which
the State holds a majority stake, should set up a system of
workers' congress representatives appraising corporate leadership
in a democratic fashion.
       Promoting the establishment of the system in as many firms
as possible constitutes one of the essential missions for trade
unions next year, Yang Xingfu, a top union official, said.
       "If more than 50 per cent of an enterprise workers' congress
representatives decide that an official is unfit for his job, he
should be removed from his post," said Yang, vice-chairman of
All-China Federation of Trade Unions, at a national telephone
conference yesterday.
       The system is key to consolidating the role of workers as
the masters of the country, and beefing up reforms in State firms,
Yang said. The system allows workers' congresses to assess the
abilities and work performance of enterprise executives on an
annual basis.
       It is expected the supervisory system will be set up in 40
per cent of the State-owned and collective firms next year,
federation sources said.
       By the end of June, more than 600,000 enterprise leaders had
been examined and appraised by the workers' congresses, the sources
       In accordance with the recommendations of workers'
congresses, more than 36,000 State enterprise managers have been
given commendations, awards or promotions this year, while 11,400
have been demoted or dismissed.
       At least 19 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities
have issued detailed measures to ensure smooth implementation of
the system, Yang said.
       Measures include training of enterprise leaders and workers'
representatives on how to optimize the functions of the appraisal
system, he said.
       _Date: 12/24/97_
       _Author: Zhao Huanxin_
       _Copyright© by China Daily_