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The political economy of development
This academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and development, and the advancing of describing, understanding, explaining and theorizing.
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Project for the First People's Century

  • "we... believe that the huge majority of the world's people are by now bitterly opposed to neo-con policies, which make a total mockery of the basic principles of freedom and democracy. We, therefore, propose a..."

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  • How G. W. Bush and his gang of state terrorists lied to the world to justify the invasion of Iraq
  • The forged intelligence dossier on Iraq
  • The US invasion of Iraq
  • The US war on Iraq (Le Monde Diplomatique)

  • War is a racket
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  • U.S. Financial Aid to Israel: Figures, Facts, and Impact

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  • US imperial army war crimes
  • A guide to memos on torture

  • Sara Flounders:
  • Bertrand Russell Tribunal: Bush Cabal Plotted War on Iraq Years ago
  • Geoffrey Holland:
  • Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention and Iraq
  • Alain Gresh:
  • The business of terror. The war of a thousand years

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