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The political economy of development
This academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and development, and the advancing of describing, understanding, explaining and theorizing.
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Conversion Tables / Unit conversion online
Index and Conversion Factors
To Convert From To Multiply By To Convert From To Multiply By
Acres Hectares 0.4046856 Meters, cubic Tons, register 0.353147
Acres Kilometers, square 0.004046856 Miles, nautical Kilometers 1.852
Acres Meters, square 4,046.856 Miles, statute Centimeters 160,934.4
Centimeters Meters 0.01 Miles, statute Meters 1,609.344
Centimeters, square Meters, square 0.0001 Miles, statute Kilometers 1.609344
Degrees, Fahrenheit Degrees, Celsius subtract 32 and Miles, square Hectares 258.9988
    multiply by 5/9 Miles, square Kilometers, square 2.589988
Feet Centimeters 30.48 Ounces, avoirdupois Grams 28.349523
Feet Meters 0.3048 Ounces, avoirdupois Kilograms 0.028349523
Feet Kilometers 0.0003048 Ounces, troy Pounds, troy 0.083333
Feet, cubic Liters 28.316847 Ounces, troy Grams 31.10348
Feet, cubic Meters, cubic 0.028316847 Pints, liquid Milliliters 473.176473
Feet, square Centimeters, square 929.0304 Pints, liquid Liters 0.473176
Feet, square Meters, square 0.09290304 Pounds, avoirdupois Grams 453.59237
Gallons, US liquid Liters 3.785412 Pounds, avoirdupois Kilograms 0.45359237
Gallons, US liquid Meters, cubic 0.003785412 Pounds, avoirdupois Quintals 0.00453592
Grams Ounces, troy 0.032151 Pounds, avoirdupois Tons, metric 0.000453592
Grams Pounds, troy 0.002679 Pounds, troy Ounces, troy 12
Hectares Kilometers, square 0.01 Pounds, troy Grams 373.241722
Hectares Meters, square 10,000 Quarts, dry Liters 1.101221
Inches Centimeters 2.54 Quarts, dry Dekaliters 0.1101221
Inches Meters 0.0254 Quarts, liquid Milliliters 946.352946
Inches, cubic Milliliters 16.387064 Quarts, liquid Liters 0.946352946
Inches, cubic Liters 0.016387064 Quintals Tons, metric 0.1
Inches, cubic Meters, cubic 0.000016387064 Tons, long Kilograms 1,016.047
Inches, square Centimeters, square 6.4516 Tons, long Tons, metric 1.016047
Inches, square Meters, square 0.00064516 Tons, metric Quintals 10
Kilograms Ounces, troy 32.15075 Tons, metric Ounces, troy 32,150.7
Kilograms Pounds, troy 2.679229 Ton-miles, long Ton-kilometers, metric 1.635169
Kilograms Tons, metric 0.001 Ton-miles, short Ton-kilometers, metric 1.459972
Kilometers, square Hectares 100 Tons, register Meters, cubic 2.831685
Liters Milliliters 1,000 Tons, short Kilograms 907.185
Liters Meters, cubic 0.001 Tons, short Tons, metric 0.907185
Meters Milliliters 1,000 Yards Centimeters 91.44
Meters Centimeters 100 Yards Meters 0.9144
Meters Kilometers 0.001 Yards, cubic Meters, cubic 0.7645549
Meters, cubic Liters 1,000 Yards, square Meters, square 0.836127