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Eastern Europe   Ed.: Dr. Róbinson Rojas Sandford
Eastern European countries
The World Bank: Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Think Tanks
  EastWest Institute
OECD:The Centre for Cooperation with the Economies in Transition
European Union cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe (EUFORIC)
The External Sector, the State and Development in
Eastern Europe. B. Eichengreen and R. Kohl.  1998
Trade Patterns, FDI, and Industrial Restructuring
of Central and Eastern Europe.  P. Guerrieri. 1998
Integrating Central and Eastern Europe In the European
Trade and Production Network. F. Lemoine.  1998.
The Agricultural and Food Sectors. Integration of Eastern
Europe and Russia. T. Josling and S.Tangermann, 1998.
Coming to Terms with a Larger Europe: Options for Economic Integration H. Wallace, 1998
The Internationalization of the Baltic Economies. N. Mygind, 1998
European Cross-National Production Networks in the Auto Industry: Eastern Europe as the Low End of
European Car Complexes.
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Using Industrial Capacities as a Way of Integrating Central-East European Economies. C. Kurz and V. Wittke, 1998
Globalization of Production in the Textile and Clothing Industries: The Case of Italian Foreign Direct Investment and Outward Processing in Eastern Europe. G. Graziani, 1998
What Future for the Integration of the European Union and the Central and Eastern European Countries? A. Henriot and A. Inotaď, 1998
Trade Patterns, Foreign Direct Investment, and Industrial Restructuring of Central and Eastern
P. Guerrieri, 1998
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Dealing with Diversity: The Challenges for Europe. J. Pisani-Ferry, 1998
Cuba in Transition- Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy ASCE)
Social Capitaland Capital Gains, or Virtual Bowling in Silicon Valley. S. Cohen and G. Fields, 1998
Russian Business Surveys Bulletin. Industry. (May 1999)
Included in RRojas Databank with permission from the IMF:
1.- A Decade of Transition. An Overview of the Achievements and
    Challenges. S. M. Nsouli. 1999
2.- Taming Inflation in the Transition Economies.
    C. Cottarelli-P. Doyle. 1999
3.- Time to Rethink Privatization in Transition Economies?
    J. Nellis. 1999
4.- Transition and the Changing Role of Government.
    V. Tanzi. 1999
5.- Lessons of the Russian Crisis for Transition Economies.
    Y. Gaidar. 1999
6.- Determinants of Growth in Transition Countries.
    O. Havrylyshyn/T. Wolf . 1999
7.- Escape Routes from Post-Soviet Inflation and Recession.
M. Kaser. 1999
World Bank: Clasification of economies by income, 1997-1998
Le monde diplomatique