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The political economy of development
This academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and development, and the advancing of describing, understanding, explaining and theorizing.
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"Well, it's like this..."The editors of the History of Economic Thought (HET) Website have spent considerable time setting up and maintaining this World Wide Web Site. It is our hope that you will find the information helpful and easy to use.  Although we have made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information on our web pages is correct, we cannot warrant its accuracy. The information is provided "as is" and makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding it.  The editors of the History of Economic Thought Website disclaim all liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of your use of, or inability to use, this server and the information contained on it or any sites reached by following the links on these pages.

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More informally...

This is a personal website run by poor, starving students with very little time.    We receive no renumeration for our efforts.  It is offered to the general public as "educational entertainment" -- which means, in effect, that we are merely sharing our own interest in this particular, specialized academic topic.   We do not even accept responsibility for what we do say.  As a result, we do not expect any legal "issues" to arise.  Besides our own minor personal tastes, we have no "agenda" and do not seek to mislead or denigrate anybody or anybody's work.  We are quite willing to listen if you believe there are any misrepresentations which we are able to correct. Contributions are more than welcome.

As far as using the material contained here, just about every use is granted, except that of using the material on this website to make money.   However, we would like to reiterate our warning to students about the stern consequences that are usually imposed by schools and universities if one is caught plagiarizing.  So, please, use this site with discretion.   

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