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Migration - Remittances
Final Report on the Ministerial Conference of the Least-Developed Countries on Enhancing the Development impact of Remittances
February 2006
International Organization for Migration (IOM)

In response to the growing importance of remittances and their development potential for LDCs, IOM, in collaboration with the Government of Benin and the United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS) organized a two-day ministerial conference on remittances to LDCs entitled "Ministerial Conference of the Least Developed Countries on Enhancing the Development Impact of Remittances".

The overall objective of the conference was to explore avenues to enhance and improve the development impact of remittances in LDCs. The conference provided a platform for participants to share experiences and lessons learned, consult on issues faced by migrant remitters and propose practical solutions to optimize the development benefits of remittances.

This report is organized as follows:
-- Chapter one presents the main IOM conference paper entitled "Remittances to Least Developed Countries (LDCs) - Issues, Policies, Practices and Enhancing Development Impact". The paper presents an overview of remittances to LDCs and addresses issues, policies and practices in those countries with a view to enhancing the development impact of remittances.
-- Chapter two presents a Compendium of the policies and practices concerning remittance flows and use in 13 LDCs.
-- Chapter three reflects the proceedings of the first day of the conference and includes an overview and presentation of the documents presented at the conference.
-- Chapter four focuses on the proceedings of the second day of the conference, dedicated to ministerial consultations on the Ministerial Declaration, a document adopted by the Ministers and Heads of Delegation.
-- The report concludes with an Annex containing the original documents presented at the Conference,
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Table of Contents :
Front Cover
Inside Cover
Chapter 1 -- Remittances to Least Developed Countries (LDCs): Issues, Policies, Practices and Enhancing the Development Impact
Chapter 2 -- Compendium of Policies and Practices of the LDCs in the Area of Remittances
Chapter 3 -- Proceedings of the First Conference Day
Chapter 4 -- Proceedings of the Second Conference Day
Annex 1-6
Annex 7-11
Annex 12-17
Annex 18-22
Annex 23
Final Report on the Ministerial Conference of the Least-Developed Countries on Enhancing the Development Impact of Remittances
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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
List of Least Developed Countries:
Afghanistan -- Angola -- Bangladesh -- Benin -- Bhutan -- Burundi -- Cambodia -- Cap Verde -- Central African Republic -- Chad -- Comoros -- Djibouti -- Equatorial Guinea -- Eritrea -- Ethiopia -- Gambia -- Guinea -- Guinea-Bissau -- Haiti -- Kiribati -- Lao People’s Democratic Republic -- Lesotho -- Liberia -- Madagascar -- Malawi -- Maldives -- Mali -- Mauritania -- Mozambique -- Myanmar -- Nepal -- Niger -- Rwanda -- Samoa -- Săo Tomé and Principe -- Senegal -- Sierra Leone -- Solomon Islands -- Somalia -- Sudan -- Timor-Leste -- Togo -- Tuvalu -- Uganda -- United Republic of Tanzania -- Vanuatu -- Yemen -- Zambia --
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