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U.S. state terrorism in action:
Lebanon massacre
Genocide in the name of self-defense.

The U.S. imperialist policy to "reshape" the Middle East utilizing the army of the neo-nazi state of Israel.

From - 24 july 2006

Israel Prepares To Launch Ground War In Lebanon
By Mike Head
With Washington's backing, Israel is preparing to launch a ground invasion of Lebanon, having called up thousands of army reservists and massed tanks and armoured personnel carriers on the border

The Crime Of Lebanon And Palestine: Are Iran And Syria Next?
By Stephen Lendman
It's clear at this time of great potential danger, a lot more than that is needed. The Arab street in the region and Muslim one around the world may be ready to explode if two more of its states are attacked by the US and/or Israel with support or compliance of the West and its own leaders

More To Lebanon War Than Meets The Eye
By Ramzy Baroud
Hizbollah cannot lose if it wishes to survive as a formidable political force in Lebanon. If Hizbollah is disarmed, it is feared that Israel will go back to its full scale meddling in Lebanese affairs, isolating Syria even further, and gaining a strategic battle in its looming showdown with Tehran

Lebanon Massacre Will Live In Infamy
By Ghali Hassan
Like major historical war crimes against innocent civilians, the complicity of major Western powers, particularly the U.S., in Israel's war crimes against Lebanon and the Lebanese civilian population will live in infamy. Israel's terror will fail to achieve its intended goal

A Gripping Diary Of One Week In The Life And Death Of Beirut
By Robert Fisk
We watch the warships sliding into Beirut port. "What will happen when all the foreigners have gone?" he asks. That's what we are all asking. We shall find out this week

Lebanese Devastated In All Sorts Of Ways
By Dahr Jamail
"How many Hezbollah have they killed," Mothman said. "Maybe just a few, while they've killed over 350 Lebanese civilians. What kind of war are they waging against my country?"

The Road To Destruction: Israel Confronts The Middle East
By Dan Lieberman
Israel's similar actions in Gaza and Lebanon, in reaction to the seizure of its border guards, demonstrate that Israel is on a well-calculated strategy; control nations without occupying them - simply destroy them - which is a sinister forecast to the future of the Middle East

All Are Equal, Middle East Included
By Sonia Nettnin
The fundamental problem behind the crises in the Middle East is that not all the people who live there are viewed as equal. The US-Israel political, military and financial alliance protects the human rights and dignity of Israeli-Jews, but qualifies and selects the human rights and dignity of the Middle East's indigenous and multifarious ethnic, religious and sectarian peoples

Another 9/11 Anniversary Is Just Around The Corner
By Vincent L. Guarisco
For me, the 5th anniversary of 9/11 is just like the four previous ones -- a shrill, never-ending scream of what should never have been allowed to happen. The horror of 9/11 will forever remain embedded in all of us as an evil lesson of what can happen -- what will surely happen -- to a nation's people when they lose control of their leaders' actions

Ghost In The Machine
By John Mackenzie
Hegemonic dominance cannot be sustained, empires rise and fall. Ours may end up the quickest round trip in history

Quit India: Hindutva Goons
By Subhash Gatade
And now when life is becoming normal and people want to move ahead has come the news that Hindutva people won't let the people do so. Under a 'public awareness campaign: Chhodo Hindustan', a series of banners urging Muslims who are "supporters of terrorism" to leave the country. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad which has put these banners all over the city has also decided to 'urge our people to stop buying anything from Muslims.'
'How Can We Stand By And Allow This To Go On?'
By Robert Fisk In all, there were 56 corpses brought to the Tyre government hospital and other surgeries, and 34 of them were children. When they ran out of plastic bags, they wrapped the small corpses in carpets. Their hair was matted with dust, most had blood running from their noses

Mobilize To Avenge The Blood Of Qana
By Uri Avnery
We urge our Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters not to let murder inspire you to commit murder in revenge, from which only Israel and its allies will gain. Instead, think strategically. Let the blood of the innocents in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq inspire you to mobilize to isolate Israel and its patrons

Qana Massacre...
By Baghdad Burning
The UN is beyond useless. They've gone from a union of nations working for the good of the world (if they ever were even that), to a bunch of gravediggers. They're only good for digging mangled bodies out of the ruins of buildings and helping to identify and put them into mass graves

US Media Alibis For Qana Massacre
By David Walsh
As the news broke Sunday morning of the Israeli massacre in the southern Lebanese village of Qana, the American media swung into action to provide alibis and excuses for the horrific war crime

Arab States Must Repudiate Ties With Israel Now
By Ali Abunimah
After Qana, Jordan's foreign minister Abul-Ilah al-Khatib urged the international community "take a firm stand against the aggression." Amman and Cairo should lead the way with more than words

Israel's Latest Massacre In Qana: Racist Jewish Fundamentalism A Factor
By Omar Barghouti
Israel's latest bloodbath, which claimed the lives of dozens of children and women hiding from the relentless bombing in what they hoped was a secure basement in Qana, betrays not only Israel's criminal disregard for the value of Arab human life, a typical colonial attitude towards natives, but also its increasingly fundamentalist perception of Gentiles in general as lesser humans

Why Do They Hate Us? Listen To Qana (again)
By Jonathan Cook
If Israel wanted to widen its war, it could not have chosen a better way to achieve it than by sending its war planes back to the mixed Muslim and Christian village of Qana in south Lebanon to massacre civilians there, as if marking a morbid anniversary

Why Must The Right Wing Sound So Brutally Stupid?
By John Chuckman
Just when I thought he had shown a glimmer of statesmanship, Stephen Harper, Canada's prime minister courtesy of just over one-third of the vote, reverted to character. Following Israel's apparently-deliberate targeting of four UN observers in Lebanon, including one Canadian, Harper thought it appropriate to ask, not why Israel killed them, but why the observers were there?

"If You Haven't Left, You're Hezbollah"
By Dahr Jamail
Large numbers fled the south after Israelis dropped leaflets warning of attacks. Others have been unable to leave, often because they have not found the means. The Israelis have taken that to mean that they are therefore Hezbollah

Oil Spill Hits Lebanon
By Dahr Jamail
More than 15,000 tons of oil have hit the coast after the bombing of five of six storage tanks at the plant in the coastal village El-Jiye, 30km south of Beirut. The northern winds have taken the massive oil slick to beaches and ports a long way up the coast

The New Middle East
By Ali Quli Qarai
When the dusts of the war have settled, the world will see a Hezbollah and Hamas that have not been weakened but grown in strength and stature several times. The new Middle East was born in 1982 when Israel invaded Lebanon. Now it is coming of age

What Exactly Is An "Existential" Threat, Mr. Olmert?
By Am Johal
The past few weeks have seen dozens of non-violent protestors arrested, aggressively pushed and detained for simply questioning Israeli policy in Lebanon. Security officials have attacked protestors without provocation. Israel is the clearest example of a state where security matters precede the importance of human rights

Imperial Rulers And The Deadly Games They Play
By Jason Miller
The militant Neocon and Zionist leaders in the United States and Israel are deaf to lamentations and blind to scenes of carnage. As long as they remain in power and have pawns to sacrifice, the "War on Terror" will continue to escalate

Islam, Madrasas And Cultural 'Arabisation': Insights From India
By Yoginder Sikand
Mindless berating of the madrasas for allegedly being actively engaged in promoting 'Arabisation', without looking at the phenomenon as, at least in part, a reaction to Hindutva and to the homogenising agenda of the Indian state that defines itself in Brahminical Hindu terms, is hardly fair and can only further reinforce the insular, exclusivist character that most madrasas are today identified with