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The political economy of development
This academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and development, and the advancing of describing, understanding, explaining and theorizing.
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Texts by Mao Zedong  published by the Maoist Internationalist Movement (Róbinson Rojas)
Maoist Internationalist Movement


Studies show that reading books is up to twice as fast and better for reading comprehension than reading from video screens. If you need to search essays, then Internet is a good place. Otherwise, we recommend going to a bookstore.

Download WINDOWS .zip files of Mao and MIM here

Mao Zedong's Four Essays on Philosophy

Mao Zedong's Selected Works

Selected Works Vol. 1 to 4 were approved by the party and distributed during Mao's lifetime.

Some of Mao Zedong's Polemics against Revisionism

Quotations of Chairman Mao

    This is the book read by a billion people, sometimes called the "Red Book" or "Little Red Book." MIM prefers that people read the whole works that the quotes come from, but for history buffs who want to know what all the billion people read or for those who are not fully up to speed on reading skills yet, this may be useful.

  • Quotations of Chairman Mao

Communist Party of China

Although Mao did not necessarily write the documents below, he took part in approving them.

Collected Works of Mao (1917-1949) (JPRS (CIA) version)

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