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Trade and Development Reports (TADR):
Policy coherence, development strategies and integration into the world economy

Book information
UN Symbol: UNCTAD/TDR/2004
Sales no.: E.04.II.D.29
Date of publication: 16/09/04
ISBN: 92-1-112635-5
ISSN: 0255-4607
US$ 39 (Developed countries)
US$ 19 (Developing countries)
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Table of contents:

Overview [PDF, 14pp., 286KB]

Part One
Global Trends and Prospects

Chapter I
The World Economy: Performance and Prospects
A. Introduction
B. Developed economies
C. Developing and transition economies
Chapter II
International Trade and Finance
A. International trade
B. Capital flows and finance
Part Two
Policy Coherence, Development Strategies and Integration into the World Economy

Chapter III
Openness, Integration and National Policy Space
A. Introduction
B. Unbalanced integration in the 1920s
C. Recasting multilateralism: development challenges and the origins of UNCTAD
D. Interdependence after Bretton Woods
E. Interdependence, international collective action and policy space
Chapter IV and Annexes
Fostering Coherence between the International Trading, Monetary and Financial Systems
A. Building the international competitiveness of developing-country exporters
B. Impacts of monetary and financial factors on developing countries´ export performance
C. Policy adjustment with open capital accounts
Annexes to chapter IV
Annex 1. The Concept of Competitiveness
Annex 2.The Set-up of Econometric Estimates of the Impact of Exchange Rate Changes on Trade Performance
Conclusions and Policy Challenges
Conclusion and References [PDF, 10pp., 241KB]

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