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From The World Bank Group

Draft Report

World Development Report 2006: Equity and Development

The World Development Report 2006 will be launched on September 20, 2005.  You can download a near-final version below. Please note that this is NOT the final version; some changes will still be made.  

Full Text (4,711 KB)

Overview  (188 KB)

Chapter 1 Introduction (95 KB)

Chapter 2 Inequity within countries: individuals and groups (431 KB)

Chapter 3 Equity from a global perspective (443 KB)

Chapter 4 Equity and well-being (203 KB)

Chapter 5 Inequality and investment (255 KB)

Chapter 6 Equity, institutions, and the development process (227 KB)

Chapter 7 Human capacities (286 KB)

Chapter 8 Justice, land, and infrastructure (319 KB)

Chapter 9 Markets and the macroeconomy (346 KB)

Chapter 10 Achieving greater global equity (209 KB)

Epilogue (33 KB)

References (260 KB)