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From The World Bank Group Documents and Reports Archive
World Development Report 1990: Poverty
Text of World Development Report 1990

"This Report is about poverty in the developing world -in other words, it is concerned with the poorest of the world's poor. It seeks first to measure poverty, qualitatively as well as quantitatively. It then tries to draw lessons for policy from the experience of countries that have succeed in reducing poverty. It ends with a question that is also a challenge: what might be achieved if governments in rich and poor countries alike made it their goal to attack poverty in this closing decade of the twentieth century?"...
Cover and Table of Contents
Overview in English
  • Poverty today
  • Policies for attacking poverty
  • The politics of poverty
  • Reaching the poor
  • Aid
  • What can be achieved?
  • The challenge for the 1990s

Part 1 -Diverging trends in the world economy
  • Recents developments in the world economy
  • The diverging performance of developing countries in the 1980s
  • Prospects for the 1990s

Part 2 -What do we know about the poor?
  • Three poor families
  • Measuring poverty
  • The characteristics of the poor
  • From diagnosis to treatment

Part 3 -Progress on poverty: lessons for the future
  • Changes in poverty
  • Factors influencing country performance
  • What is the critical tradeoff?

Part 4 -Promoting economic opportunities for the poor
  • The pattern of growth and the incomes of the poor
  • Increasing the participation of the poor in growth
  • Reaching resource-poor areas
  • Policies for poverty-reducing growth

Part 5 -Delivering social services to the poor
  • Social sector policies
  • Investing in people
  • Providing access for the poor
  • Lessons for the nex decade

Part 6 -Transfers and safety nets
  • Public provision of transfers and safety nets
  • Food pricing and distribution policies
  • Public employment schemes
  • Caring for those left out
  • The role of transfers and safety nets

Part 7 -The 1980s: shocks, responses, and the poor
  • Short-run policy and household welfare
  • Macroeconomic policy and the poor
  • Public expenditure restructuring and the poor
  • Lessons for adjustment in the 1990s

Part 8 -International factors in reducing poverty
  • Trade and poverty
  • Debt and poverty
  • Aid and poverty

Part 9 -Prospects for the poor
  • Poverty at the end of the century
  • Regional differences and poverty
  • The potential for action

Bibliographical note
Statistical appendix
World Development Indicators
Technical notes
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