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The political economy of development
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From The World Bank Group Documents and Reports Archive
World Development Report 1997
The State in a Changing World
Archive File 17300

Foreword by J. D. Wolfensohn
Table of contents, etc
Rethinking the State -The World Over
Chapter 1 - The Evolving Role of the State
Chapter 2 - Refocusing on the Effectiveness of the State
Matching Role to Capability
Chapter 3 - Securing the Economic and Social Fundamentals
Chapter 4 - Fostering Markets: Liberalization, Regulation, and Industrial Policy
Reinvigorating Institutional Capability
Chapter 5 - Building Institutions for a Capable Public Sector
Chapter 6 - Restraining Arbitrary State Action and Corruption
Chapter 7 - Bringing the State Closer to the People
Chapter 8 - Facilitating International Collective Action
Chapter 9 - The Challenge of Initiating and Sustaining Reforms
Chapter 10 - The Agenda for Change
Technical Note
Bibliographical Note
Appendix: Selected Indicators for Public Finance
Selected World Development Indicators
Technical Notes
Data sources
Clasification of economies
Distrib. of World Bank publications
Related themes:
- Aid
- Bureaucracy
- Debt
- Decentralization
- Dependency theory
- Development
- Development Economics
- Economic Policies
- Employment/Unemployment
- Foreign Direct Investment
- Gender
- Human Rights
- Human Development
- Hunger
- Inequality/social exclusion
- Informal sector
- Labour Market
- Microfinance
- Migration
- Poverty
- Privatization
- Sustainable Development
- Transnational Corporations
- Urbanization

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