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The political economy of development
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2004 World Development Report
Making Services Work for Poor People
Key Services Often Fail Poor People - New Report Shows How Governments and Citizens Can Do Better
Donors must deliver foreign aid in ways that promote, not undercut, better services for the poor
WASHINGTON, September 21, 2003 — A new World Bank report warns that broad improvements in human welfare will not occur unless poor people receive wider access to affordable, better quality services in health, education, water, sanitation, and electricity. Without such improvements in services, freedom from illness and freedom from illiteracy - two of the most important ways poor people can escape poverty - will remain elusive to many.
Press Materials

  Press Release in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese

  Press Release on South Asia in English,
  2004 World Development Report
      Making Services Work for Poor People
Complete Report as One File (2.42MB PDF)
Table of Contents (91K PDF)
Acknowledgements and Foreward (75K PDF)
Overview English (236K PDF), and Spanish (450K PDF)
Ch. 1: Services can work for poor people but too often they fail (242K PDF)
Ch. 2: Governments should make services work (254K PDF)
Ch. 3: The framework for service provision (234K PDF)
Ch. 4: Clients and providers (206K PDF)
Ch. 5: Citizens and politicians (247K PDF)
Ch. 6: Policymakers and providers (223K PDF)
Ch. 7: Basic education services (417K PDF)
Ch. 8: Health and nutrition services (347K PDF)
Ch. 9: Drinking water, sanitation, and electricity (271K PDF)
Ch. 10: Public sector underpinnings of service reform (305K PDF)
Ch. 11: Donors and service reform (217K PDF)
Bibliography and Endnotes (125K PDF)
References (270K PDF)
Selected World Development Indicators 2004 (241K PDF)

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