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The political economy of development
This academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and development, and the advancing of describing, understanding, explaining and theorizing.
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Research Methods

Editor: Róbinson Rojas Sandford
R. Rojas: The act of research. The process of inquiry
   R. Rojas: Development Studies: Researching for the big bosses?
R. Rojas: Notes development and dependency
R. Rojas: Making sense of development studies
MandE News: Monitoring and evaluation methods
(Routledge Encyclopaedia of Philosophy):The concept of knowledge
F. Engels: Outlines of a critique of political economy
K. Marx: Production, Consumption, Distribution, Exchange
Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung):
On Practice. On the relation between knowledge and practice, between knowing and doing (1937)
On Contradiction (1937)
On the Ten Great Relationships (1956)
R. E. Lee: Cultural Studies as Geisteswissenschaften? Time, Objectivity, and the Future of Social Science
R. E. Lee: Imagining the Future: Constructing Social Knowledge After 'Complexity Studies'
R. E. Lee The Crisis of the Structures of Knowledge: Where Do We Go from Here?
I. Wallerstein: Social Science and Contemporary Society: The Vanishing Guarantees of Rationality
I. Wallerstein: Social Change? Change is eternal. Nothing ever Changes
I. Wallerstein: The Time of Space and the Space of Time: The Future of Social Science
I. Wallerstein: The structures of Knowledge, or How Many Ways May We Know?
I. Wallerstein: SpaceTime as the Basis of Knowledge
--------- On External Debt
Debt indicators
On Population Projection
On Social Indicators
On Economic Timeseries
On Classification of Economies
Size of the economy
Quality of life
Development progress
Trends in long-term development
Long-term structural change
Key indicators for other economies
Land use and deforestation
Growth of output
Credit, investment and expenditures
Integration with the global economy
Research Resources for the Social Sciences
Corporate Watch Research Library
J. M. Stonehouse and J. D. Mumford, "Science, Risk Analysis and Environmental Policy Decisions", 1996
The World Bank Participation Sourcebook
The World Bank Institute
ELDIS: Participation / Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)
ELDIS: Development research
ELDIS: Statistics
ELDIS: Reference
ELDIS: Newspapers and other news sources
ELDIS: Librarianship and information work
Glossaries: Development
            World Bank
            W.P. Business Glossary
Berkeley Digital Library Sunsite (Library WWW Servers)
Manchester Information Datasets and Associated Services (MIMAS)
Niss Information Gateway
Academic Info
How to research transnational corporations (TNCs)
Sustainable Development.Sustained risks: a lasting phenomenon
Sustainable Development. Framework/ Methodologies. Introduction
Sustainable Development.Framework/ Methodologies. Social Indicators
Sustainable Development.Framework/ Methodologies. Economic Indicators
Sustainable Development.Framework/ Method.Environmental Indicators
Sustainable Development.Framework/ Method.Institutional Indicators
Research Institute for Social Development/United Nations
OECD/DAC: Development Indicators
OECD/DAC: Statistical Reporting System
The particle adventure
Einstein's legacy
Spacetime wrinkles
New Scientist
Scientific American
The Eonic Effect
Eonix Papers
Research Methods Knowledge Base
Sociocybernetics (ISA)