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The political economy of development
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Embargoed: not for news wire transmission, posting on websites, or any other media use until Wednesday, December 5, 2001 at 2 p.m. EDT(Washington time) or 19:00 (GMT)

A World Bank Policy Research Report - 2002 

Globalization, Growth, and Poverty:
Building an Inclusive World Economy

Download the complete report as one file (2.1MB PDF)
or download by chapter, below:

Foreword, Report Team and Overview (170K PDF)
Globalization reduces poverty, but not everywhere
Improving the international architecture for integration
Strengthening domestic institutions and policies
Power, culture, and the environment
An agenda for action
Chapter 1: The New Wave of Globalization and Its Economic Effects (800K PDF)
Previous waves of globalization and reversals
The new wave of globalization
Chapter 2: Improving the International Architecture for Integration (180K PDF)
Trade policy
Policies for capital flows to developing countries
Policies toward migration
Summary of recommendations
Chapter 3: Strengthening Domestic Institutions and Policies (200K PDF)
Open economies have more competition and firm turnover
The investment climate affects the benefits of openness
Integration with the world economy affects employment and wages
Social protection in globalizing economies
Summary of recommendations
Chapter 4: Power, Culture, and the Environment (135K PDF)
Globalization and power
Globalization and culture
Globalization and the environment
Summary of recommendations
Chapter 5: An Agenda for Action (100K PDF)
Anxieties and their foundation
Building an inclusive world economy: An agenda for action
References (120K PDF)
- Economic Growth
- Economic Literacy
- Economic Policies
- Economic Structuralism

- Inflation
- Informal sector - Informal economy
- Imperialism
- Import-Substitution Strategies
- Industrialization
- Inequality - Social exclusion
--- - Inequality, poverty, social exclusion and
----- corruption in U.S.A

--- - Inequality, poverty, and social exclusion in
----- Latin America

--- - Inequality, poverty, social exclusion and
-----corruption in China

--- - Spatial Inequality in Asia
- Institutions and Governance
- Peripheral capitalism
- Planning for Development
- Polarization
- Popular Unity
- Population
- Poverty
- PRPS - Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers
- Privatization
- Public Action
- The state, civil society and development
- State/Civil Society/Development
--- - The Developmental State
--- - The Neo-liberal State
--- - Development Planning
- Structural Adjustment programmes
- Structuralism, Economic
- Sustainable Development

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