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On planning for development: World Development Indicators by the World Bank
From the World Bank Group
World Development Indicators 2013
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The WDI database, launched along with the World Bank’s Open Data initiative to provide free data to all users, includes more than 900 indicators documenting the state of all the world’s economies. The WDI covers education, health, poverty, environment, economy, trade, and much more.
"The WDI provides a valuable statistical picture of the world and how far we've come in advancing development," said Justin Yifu Lin, the World Bank’s Chief Economist and the Senior Vice President for Development Economics.  “Making this comprehensive data free for all is a dream come true."

"...And so we have refined and improved the presentation of this 17th edition. Our aim is to find the best way to put data in the hands of policymakers, development specialists, students, and the public, so that they may use the data to reduce poverty and solve the world’s most pressing development challenges. The biggest change is that the data tables previously published in the book are now available online (

This has many advantages: The tables will reflect the latest additions and revisions to the data. They will be available to a far greater audience. And they will be free for everyone. World Development Indicators 2013 is organized around six themes—world view, people, environment, economy, states and markets, and global links. Each section includes an introduction, a set of six stories highlighting regional trends, a table of the most relevant and popular indicators, and an index to the full set of tables and indicators available online. World view also reviews progress toward the Millennium Development Goals..."

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4. Economy

5. States and markets

6. Global links

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