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The political economy of development
This academic site promotes excellence in teaching and researching economics and development, and the advancing of describing, understanding, explaining and theorizing.
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Los Archivos de Róbinson Rojas es una organización académica para reunir, procesar y analizar información. Está compuesta del Centro de Investigación RRojas, Banco de Datos RRojas, Puro Chile. La memoria del pueblo, y el Proyecto para el Primer Siglo Popular.
Este sitio contiene libros, secciones de libros, ensayos, secciones de ensayos, notas y notas de cátedra publicados y no publicados de R. Rojas, estadísticas y documentos de fuentes internacionales y nacionales .
Les Archives de Róbinson Rojas est une organisation scientifique dédiée a la recherche, au traitement et a l'analyse de données. Elle est composée de L'unité de recherche RRojas, La Banque de donées RRojas, Puro Chile. La mémoire du peuple, et le Projet pour le Premiere Sičcle Populaire.
Ce site contient aussi des livres, des extraits de livres, des essais, des extraits d'essais, des notes et des notes concernant des cours magistraux publiés ou non par R. Rojas, des statistiques et des documents de sources nationales et internationales.
The Róbinson Rojas Archive is an academic organization dedicated to gather, process and analyze information. It includes RRojas Research Unit, RRojas Databank , Puro Chile. The memory of the people, and the Project for the First People Century.
This site also contains books, parts of books, papers, parts of papers, notes and lecture notes published and unpublished by S. R. Rojas, statistics and documents from international and national sources.
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R.Rojas: Class Stratification in the Chinese Countryside
R.Rojas: Class Analysis in Socialist China
R.Rojas: The Chinese attempt to build a socialist society (notes)
R.Rojas: Notes on power, nepotism and military business in China
R.Rojas: Notes on China's painful path to capitalism
R.Rojas: The other side of China's miracle: unemployment and inequality
R.Rojas: Latin America: a failed industrial revolution
R.Rojas: Latin America: the making of a fractured society
R.Rojas: Latin America: a dependent mode of production
R.Rojas: Latin America: on the effects of colonization
R.Rojas: U.S. imperialism in Latin America
R.Rojas: 15 years of monetarism in Latin America: time to scream
R.Rojas: Latin America: structural changes in the economy. 1950-70
R.Rojas: Notes on ECLAC's structuralism and dependency theory
R.Rojas: Notes on import-substitution strategies for development
R.Rojas: El desarrollo del dominio imperialista en Chile
R.Rojas: The Chilean way to socialism. Popular Unity
R.Rojas: The Chilean Armed Forces: a political organization
R.Rojas: Dependent capitalist development: Chile(1960s)(notes)
R.Rojas: Notes on the doctrine of national security (1)
R.Rojas: Notes on the doctrine of national security (2)
R.Rojas: Notes on development and dependency
R.Rojas: Theoretical notes about colonization
R.Rojas: Making sense of development studies (notes)
R.Rojas: Notes on Smith, Ricardo and Marx
R.Rojas: Notes on economics: assuming scarcity
R.Rojas: Notes on economics: about obscenities, poverty and inequality
R.Rojas: About obscenities, poverty and inequality in a capitalist system
R.Rojas: Notes on the making of "regulated capitalism"
R.Rojas: International capital and intellectual dishonesty
R.Rojas: The poverty of international trade theory
R.Rojas: Notes on the philosophy of the capitalist system
R.Rojas: The 'adjustment' of the world economy
R.Rojas: The transnational corporate system in the late 1990s
R.Rojas: South Korea, Taiwan and the myth of the "East Asian miracle"
R.Rojas: A market-friendly strategy for development
R.Rojas: Notes on agribusiness in the 1990s
R.Rojas: Transnational corporations in developing countries
R.Rojas: Sustainable development in a globalized economy. 1997
R.Rojas: Sustainable development in a globalized economy? The odds. 1999
R.Rojas: Notes on structural adjustment programmes
R.Rojas: Agenda 21 revisited (notes)
R.Rojas: Development Studies: Researching for the big bosses?
R.Rojas: Notes on the notions of state and development
R.Rojas: Notes on urbanization in developing societies
R.Rojas: Notes on unequal social relations
R.Rojas: Notes on the centrality of the African state
R.Rojas: Africa: transformation without change
R.Rojas: Notes on the European Union and Africa
R.Rojas: Notes on the making of the Third World
R.Rojas: Theories of Development. Modernization theory
R.Rojas: The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund
R.Rojas: The IMF. Effects on strategies for development
R.Rojas: Notes on the World Bank model for growth
S.Saumon: From state capitalism to neo-liberalism in Algeria: the case of a failing state
S.Saumon: External domination via domestic states: the case of Francophone Africa
S.Saumon: French neo-colonialism in Francophone Africa? The role of the state in processes of foreign domination
S.Saumon: The IMF and the World Bank, tools of "Development Diplomacy"?
S.Saumon: Famine is a human phenomenon and therefore a political one
S.Saumon: Research methodology applied to development studies


The use of this databank is intended to complement reading
of books and journals and not to supplant it.
The more you read books and journals the more useful my databank will become.
For its purpose is to make available further information, data and analysis
to help the student's own analysis.
The subjects I teach are all interrelated to form a complex
piece of knowledge necessary for understanding the political economy
of the process of development in both industrialized and non-industrialized
societies, which is the only way to understand the latter.
I do suggest you browse all my lectures in all the subjects I teach.
I do suggest you read all the papers and parts of books in
The Robinson Rojas Archive. I do suggest you browse my
Glossary for Development and my Glossary for Economics.
I do suggest, specially, you read my lecture notes on Research Methods.
If one is not aware how knowledge is acquired
then one will never acquire real knowledge.
Finally, a necessary explanation: I did create this databank with
the exclusive purpose of helping my students,
and those who want to learn wherever they are,
and most of all because I believe that knowledge can change
societies...can make them suitable for human beings.
(Róbinson Rojas, october 1997)
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